Monday, October 02, 2006

...And now for something completely different

I shall try to write a bit about Gopher Hockey. First, I want to clarify that this blog is not to be taken too seriously when it comes to recruiting knowledge, other teams talent and such. I do this solely to vent and be able to wear my "Goldy Goggles" and have fun.

So far most comments have been fun as well as fair. With the exception of someone, who shall remain nameless, that questioned my heterosexual status!

I have taken a few jabs at the supposed Western College Hockey blog. Just a pissed of Maize and Blue fan. I have also taken a few shots at that expert from the range. After listening to his whining while making the call of a hockey game in Duluth I lost all respect for him. I really like reading Goon's "flickertail's" blog and that certain "someone" from tUMD's blog.

After a very pitiful end to the season last year I pretty much stayed away from the usual sites about college hockey to asses my true feelings toward this sport in general! That being said I WILL NOT make any predictions about the players or season because I just do not have the knowledge to make a guess.

Me and "LB" are going to the Hall of Fame game Friday. I hope to instill a little passion about hockey and "teamwork" in my son. He really enjoys hockey (skating) and want to make sure that HE WANTS to do it and that I'm not the frustrated hockey parent pushing him. Truth be told, quitting Junior hockey because of a shoulder injury was the second most devastating thing in my life. If you know me, you can guess the first.

Looking at the schedule, how is it possible not to play SUZIE 4 times? WTF is wrong with the league? I know that both arenas sell out EVERY game but not to have each team visit each other is akin to moving the Pack out of the NFC "Norris" division. I just don't get it. Dump the DU and CC games. Fucking junior colleges!

I am now going to USCHO to rekindle the love on that POS board. Then over to CHN to read the CSTV dunce's comments. Goon's blog will be next then GPL! And to all of you from other team sites...... I fart in your general direction!!!!!!NEET!

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