Saturday, October 28, 2006

Hey.......... you SUCK!

The first sweep of the young season! The POI put on a clinic tonight. Not only a 8 goal outburst, but defense that is smothering. "Thunderstorm" gets his first of MANY hattricks. This team is much harder working then last years. Wooger made a comment on a stat posted on FSN. Barriball has twice the points that "the one year wonder" had at this point in the season. "twice as good" was his comment. LOL! Twice the heart is what I say. This team looks nothing like the team that myself and LB saw. Wish we had a rematch. I can wait til April for that!
Looking ahead the POI makes the trek to the city by the sea, Duluth. Better bring your extra attitude Dog fans. This team has never experienced the Dumps...errrrrr Decc's atmosphere. It's not going to matter. The DOGS are in for a goood Ol Goofer ASS whoopin.

Looks like the BADgers are going to get swept at home! 4-1 last I heard. They were SHUTOUT last night. OVERRATED. Hanging onto last years Championship. FING ugly hockey to watch.

tUMD splits with lowly DU. The Flickertails take care of business against GR3(Gopher rejects 3) First being tUMD, second being JBSU and fourth being CHA's Muskrats.

The BIG surprise id Mich Tech. WOW A SWEEP. Does not happen a lot. "Ban the(MTU) band" at the X is in full swing look for the web site soon.
The fatboy will be in full swing on GPL this week. Man bring back the "ignore" option on the board Jupiter, PLEEEEAAASSSSEEEEE!!!!!!!!

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