Saturday, October 21, 2006

Stick to football

Let me just say the OSU was schooled in EVERY aspect of the game. 7-2 final. After finding their legs the Goof's unleashed a performance that many fans knew was there. This team looked nothing like the lost team at the X against Maine. Again the freshmen ruled the day. Why not, we have mostly frosh's in the lineup. OSU's head coach stated, "With a team of that skill — all the way out from the goaltender — they'll expose you on every mistake you make, and you saw that tonight," 7 different players score for Minny. EJ got his first and finally showed some off the flash he is known for. At 6-2 and 225 he put a Savard like spinaroma on a Buckeye skater that was amazing. It was nice to see Mr.Brigg's back between the pipes. Tonite will be a different game I think. OSU will more then likely come out swinging. Goof's sweep and bring out our favorite girl,BroomHilda!

In other action I watched. tUMD played gritty against "the new state of hockey" GAG! What an ugly game to watch. I was suprised that the Dogs hung with them. I look forward to watching them again tonite. tUMD takes 3 out of the shithouse.

Meanwhile at Mariucci West, Maine bitchslapped the Flickertails. This one shocked me more then the Fighting Irish beating BC. I thought for sure UND would walk all over this team. UND is better. Maine looked poor against the Goof's. Unfortunately in that game the POI boys looked tired. Look for a inspired game by the Gopher rejects and earn the split.

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