Monday, February 19, 2007

After the break

So after a week off that saw the POI off the ice for five days (at tDon's orders). They return from that little private school with a sweep in hand. Hard to believe it has been that long since the Goof's swept a season series from CC! This should be a momentum builder heading to a home-home series with St.Clown. The BADgers all but ended Bobby's bid for the cup. MulletU leaves madtown with one stinking point.

Other action saw the 2006-2007 D1 champs,(as already crowned by their moody fan base) the university of racist nickname, held on against fUMD for a tie and a sweep. They head to DU for a HUGE series. Huge because they can, with a little help and a sweep of DU, take over third place in the WCHA. Not only would they avoid the play-in game, but they would all but lock up a ticket to the big show. They close out with St.Clown.

As it stands now the would host the BADgers in the playoffs!

Speaking of fUMD, they host Alaska St. in a battle for who gets to visit DinkyTown in the first round. fUMD is 2 points behind them.

More on the series with MulletU later...

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