Wednesday, February 07, 2007

How do I survive...

Without hockey? Easy. I head to USCHO and read the so called rubes exchanging barbs and trying to be OH SO CLEVER. Do the people work? Do they even have lives? One can only wonder.

For a chuckle you can go to and read about the ongoing BINAgate debate. They are still saying it is not a big deal. Well, folks it is. He was still on probation for his last incident. Which I believe was alcohol/driving related. Now he has the audacity to open a squad up and free his fellow Canucks? I think that check did more to his head the previously thought.

CHN has a head line today. No.1? NotreDame No.1 ROFLMAF! You all know what matters. Pairwise that's it. NotreDame is fourth.

Now to the weekend without. Best match up. Holy Cross at Canisius. Look for the Crusad......errrr wait. I let SUZE follow HC!

St.Clown vs. CC. This should be a really good series. Bobby's clowns have been playing good hockey but still remain 7 points behind the POI in the WCHA race. To bad there is no coverage of the game with the exception of Stearns Co. Look for CC to take 2 out of the Nat'l. Cement Center.

In less then trilling action. The Landcows look to rebound against a surging NorthDakanda squad. They played WAY back in October when the SUE sucked worse and managed to sweep em. SUZE gets 4. Jutting's on his way out after the playoffs. Just think about it. You won't have to watch his whiny "oh my god I can't believe they called a penalty on us" look any more. Nor will opposing teams have to put up with his style of slash, hack, hold and grab hockey.

The only other game of note that's on TV is UNO vs. DRUM ROLL PLEASE......

NUMBER 1 NotreDame!!

News from UNO ala BINAgate. 2 UNO player were suspended from the team for the remainder of the season. Public Drunkeness was the charge. Senior Bobby Henderson, 24, and sophomore Adam Bartholomay, 23.

This shows you the state of sports in this country when a lowly Junior College player comments and I quote: "I am a hockey player. I'll get out of this." He then added, "I know my rights. I am a criminal justice major." Another one that is a legend in his own mind.

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