Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Off to Mighty Tigger's House

The two worst hairdo's in college hockey go "head to head" this weekend. The Goof's take a 4 point WCHA lead to the Rockies and hope to come home with that lead. Earlier in the year the Goof's steamrolled CC at Mecca. CC sits 4th in the conference and will be playing to stay there. The will also have a chip on their shoulders from way back in October.

A POI sweep would really hurt CC and push them closer to that thang we call the bubble. A CC sweep would help their Pairwise rank a LOT!

The U is 4-4 in their last 8. CC is 3-3-2. (excludes the U18 game) CC has faced fUMD, Tech, BADgers and StClown.

The U has faced BADgers, DU, Flickertails and Alaska St. Let's hope the week off gave them a rest from competition and that tDon worked their ASSES off in practice for this important series (actually next two series)

POI get a few injured players back and should be at full bench strength this weekend. The netminders need to play HUGE this weekend and steal one. Friday night will tell the tale of the next few weeks. Can they get back to their solid D play and scoring punch? Let's practice on CC this weekend. Bobby's boys are next and will be ready.

POI gets 3 of 4 this weekend.

I hate rooting for TNSoH but this weekend we need the BADgers to show up for once and play like the defending champion. I doubt it will happen. St.Clown just has the talent over Bucky. 2-2 Friday, 4-1 Saturday. St.Clown takes 3 of 4.

DU is off this weekend and finishes with NorthDakanada and CC. Speaking of ND. They host the bottom feeders we call fUMD. Suzie sweeps and their fans start to believe. NO 8, NO 8 NO 8!

In other "tribal" news, the Red Lake band has pulled another "get off my land whitey". Not only have the tax payers of this state revived a lake that they OVER FISHED TO EXTINCTION. Began commercial fishing AGAIN. Now they decided that snowmobiler's can not use the trails that cut across their land and have closed nearly 10 miles of trails in and around Lake of the Woods and Red Lake. Take that! Meanwhile all you fools continue to pump money into their casinos and eat walleye fingers! When will the people of this state wake up and make a stand? When our hairless Gov and legislature decide to. They tried once, and the war party came a runnin!

Boycott the casino's, stop eating walleye in the restaurants and for god sakes avoid Red Lake!

How about we ban tribal members from using our "sovereign" highways and roads? Hey how about a "Nation" tax? If a nation wants to use our roads, let'em pay! Lord knows they have enough money that the blue hairs pump into the casino's every day. Make you own way like the rest of us. Quit playing the race card. What happened to your people happened a LOOOOONNNGGGGGGG time ago! WE DO NOT OWE YOU A THING!


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