Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Boys, The Drunks, The Oshie(and Toews)

Three players may face charges

Two UND men's hockey players were cited for being minors in a bar and another player could be charged with obstructing a police officer, WDAZ-TV reported Wednesday.

Sophomore forwards Jonathan Toews and T.J. Oshie received citations for being at Judy's Tavern in Grand Forks on Sunday night. Junior defenseman Robbie Bina, who is 24 years old, may face charges of obstructing a police officer.

UND coach Dave Hakstol did not comment on the incident and said it would be handled internally. Police are examining whether Judy's will face any charges.

W.W.O.D. What Would Oshie Drink

But it is OK. On with the "green goggles" again. Remember the whole Blarney's/FOX9 thing? If you are a SUZE fan you do. You had your fun. Now it's our turn.

Not only have these two been sighted for under age drinking (under age in a bar?), 24 YO Robbie Bina has been sighted with obstructing a police officer. The conversation probably went as follows:

Cop-"Step aside and let me handle this."
Bina- "They are just a little drunk leave them alone, don't you KNOW who they are?
Cop- "Nope"
Bina-"They are North Dakota's most famous sports stars"
Cop- "Is that so?"
Bina- "Yes and WE just swept the Gophers!"
Cop- "SO?"
Bina- "So? So you need to let us go"
Cop- "Why?
Bina- "Because we are the only game in the state"

Cop shoves Oshie into squad car.

Bina- "Stop that bitch"
Cop- "BITCH?"
Bina- "Yeah, do you know who owns the team?"
Cop- "OWNS? It's a college team, nobody owns them."
Bina- "You had better watch it or Ralph's "crew" will come looking for you"

Second cop shove Toews into squad.

Bina- "Who ratted us out?"
Cop- "Anonymous call from somewhere in DinkyTown on the UofM campus"

Let's all follow the growing "it's OK, they are just kids" thread over at

Oh the hypocrisy!

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