Monday, January 30, 2006

Do you?

Do you YAHOO? Well do you? With games at MTU and AA coming up and NO TV you can go HERE and listen to the internet broadcasts and rebroadcasts.

On Saturday nite after the POI's SWEEP of the BADgers I hopped on USCHO and noticed that the SCSU@UNDakanada thread was on fire. You see UNDakanada got swept at home again! So I decided to post a bit of support for our Stearns county brothers.

It got I bit heated!

Boy the flatlanders sure have thin skin when SUZE is losing. Find the thread and have a look. Boy they get personal really fast. Well what can be expected from people in a state where ALL they have to look forward to is SUZE hockey each year!
I hope the trend continues because it looks as if they will be leaving the friendly confines of "the RALPH" for the playoff's. What better thing to happen to the Final 5. With the BADgers a (virtual) lock for the Final 5 we don't need two classless fan bases at The X!

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