Thursday, January 26, 2006

To Canuck.....that IS the question?

the ONE!

Here is a nice article about "the One's" return to BADgerville. It's funny how these fans treat people from their own state. Can you imaging booing at Mariucci every time a Minny kid stepped on the ice?
We would be booing all game. We have a way around that however.

Of the 6 NON Minnesota teams in the WCHA there are 32 Minnesotans! For reference there are 50 CANUCKS on those same teams. Humm...... 1 state 32 players, 1 country 50.

Here is the break down. Team listed first, the MN bred players and then CANUCKS

I could give a rat's ass about Tech and AA. Been cellar swellers FOREVER!!!!
Look at the University of NorthDakanada! This is a school that thinks their schools song is, "let's go sue, let's go sue" What a total embarrassment of a program!

While I'm bashing them one more thing. Quit yelling "SUE" at the end of the National Anthem. Have a little bit of class!

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