Saturday, November 18, 2006

Stooping................................................ to their level?

OK it was a good thing. The Goof's showed patience and persistence in tonights game. Not flashy, but solid boring BADgers hockey. Yes, we beat them at their own game. Briggs matched tElliot save for save. OK I take back my previous comments for now. I do like the way the game was played. Just HOCKEY! No BS, no cheap shit.

The ref's looked the other way at 2 Goof infractions. Not good! Call it even! We owe you 4 minutes Sunday. Being the sabbath, please forgive us oh great "State of Hockey!"
The BADgers need someone to score. Plain and simple. Great D, GREAT GOALIE and ZERO offense. I have been reading's board and the majority of the REAL fans predicted a sweep by POI. At least they are realistic and can see their team for what they are. Average. This is unlike the Flickertale fans who blame the ref's and then blame the goalie right after that. No, it's not the other 20 players. Yeah it's scripted!

So my question is: Does WCHA hockey follow WWE and boxing productions?

YES, According to's board! I digress....

PCM, you are a fan and appreciate your candor and honesty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow will be a bit more spirited IMHO. I certainly hope so. Tonight was subdued and controlled compared to last weekend.

In other action so far. The Flickertails got PWNED by AA last night. Yeah the ref's did it. They actually accounted for ZERO goals and ZERO assists. Not to mention their sieve let 6 go by! Oh Lammi would have stopped them all. RIGHT?

GR3 got beat by 3. They got beat by an average CC squad. Nothing more to say about them.

Tech held DU to 1 goal thankfully. Thankfully, UPpRINCESSES scored..........................


DU holds on. Are they for real? Could they be in position to make the F5 in St.Paul? GOD, I hope not. Then the "band" has a reason to be there. I have lobbied the WCHA to BAN the MT band. No reason for the league to "sponsor" a competitors team who never attends the tourney. Can't get their during league play, TOO FUCKIN BAD! Stay HOME!

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