Monday, November 20, 2006


ARRGGGGGGG!!! I hate when a word gets plastered to a team. Last year was lack of heart. This year the "buzzword" is GRIT. No, how about recruiting players who KNOW how the game is supposed to be played.

Before I spew about the SWEEP of BECKY I want to talk about the D for the goof's. Why can't they take the man at the blueline? I watch time and time as a becky player just skated into the zone and was not challenged until the top or middle of the circle. Mr. Johnson had better pull his head out of his ass in a hurry.

For being the overall number 1 pick he still has yet to impress me.
Now I shall touch on tDon's boy. I was very skeptical when I heard Tony was joining the squad. As you all remember the last "son of a coach" was a TOTAL WASTE OF A TENDER! Just think of the kids that could have played instead of the hack from SSP! This Lucia kid works hard, hits anyone close and has had some bad luck in terms of scoring chances. It seems as though he makes a play and then gets the return pass in the skates or gets handcuffed. I am definitely a fan of this kid. Nice game winner "son of a coach"!

tDon stated, "I'm going to put it right on my desk and take a peek at it every day probably. It will remind me what hard work does."

How proud to you think he is?

OK now for BECKY. SWEEP the fuck out of here!! That's all I have to say about that.
Man, no wonder the fans are so crazy in mad town. They have to be in order to STAY AWAKE DURING THE GAMES! Man is that a shitty/boring style of hockey to watch.

In other action. Alaska State spanks the Flickertails twice for the sweep. board was full of ref and goalie whining per usual. One person, Redwing? even got chastised for his/her constant DRONING about the ref's by other SUZIE fans. The bottom dwellers are coming to life this year.

And speaking of bottom dwellers I see the GR3 got pwned by an average CC team. CHANGE YOUR LOGO clap clap clap clap clap CHANGE YOUR LOGO......Won't make a difference.

DU squeakes out three over DHC's (drunkhockeychick) mighty YUPPERpoodles. So it seems there is parity in the league this year. The POI next face a REAL challenge. Fellow Big10 teams Mich.St and Michigan head to MECCA for a couple. Going to be nice to see them bitch slap becky and send them tumbling down the pairwise hole to early retirement!!! BWOHAHAHAHAHA BahBYE!


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