Thursday, November 16, 2006

First Jan now Becky?

Will the jealousy ever stop?

Do you notice how red the back of his neck is getting?

The "mighty" defending champions roll into town for a rare Saturday/Sunday tilt at MECCA. TNSoH boasts a stellar 4-6-2 record. After two consecutive home sweeps the RED Menace look to rebound at a place that has not treated them well.

They have a 5-26 record, including last years sweep at MECCA. Look for 5-28. Yeah you read it. Hey, if the poll on whiner central has the Goof's sweeping, I'm going with them. The BADgers have a bit of trouble scoring goals. D has been OK, but you still need to net a few for tElliot to have a chance.

Skille may play, not that he is a huge offensive threat. This team lacks fire power.

As for the POI, RJ is out for a few weeks after an appendectomy! OWWWWY! Mr.Pohl has moved to D to cover. Now to this teams weak point. Goaltending. Both have looked OK. Frazee has looked better. KB seemed out of it last weekend against JBSU.

Answer this question for me. Why can't Minny pick up a goalie that stands on his head and makes HUGE saves when needed? It always seems that Goldie's netminders are second class.


If this team can not get up for Becky and pummel them this weekend, we are in for another heartbreaking season. All the talent in the world and ZERO grit.

3-1 / 5-3 BECKY is swept out of the ORIGINAL "State of Hockey".

94 West Paint Thinner Nation!

...and yes, 6>5, you went to UW grad school to figure that one out ehhhh?

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