Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Population Control!

In a sad but fitting story from the wonderful East Side. A young Hmong girl has died from picking and eating the "Eastern American Destroying Angel" mushroom which is HIGHLY toxic! Having lived next to a Hmong family for the last ten years this does not surprise me. There eating habits and general hygiene is terrible. I watched as they killed, plucked and ate "squab". Not just any "squab" but pigeon on the Ron Popeil rotisserie grille. I stared at a goat head from my kitchen window for 5 days. I also watched as he layed out 15 carp in the sun for 8 hours and then came back cleaned them and watched in amazement as 30 of them descended on his house and consumed ALL of it after just boiling. Do these people not have taste buds????????

My thought, this was just another way that God is culling the heard!!!!!!

"Hey look a patch of mushrooms Pia!"

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