Monday, September 25, 2006

Bass Ackwards?

The saga of the house continues... After a unsuccessful period of time trying to sell my house I finally broke down and refinished the hardwood floors in my house this past week.

Man did I go about this ALL WRONG.
When selling your house get it in shape BEFORE it goes on the market. I was a little naive about how long it was going to take. Last year they were bidding on houses like mine, now I can't get an offer! Sure, I have had TONS of showings but not a single offer. We lost the house we had the purchase agreement on. Basically we let the offer expire and 5 days later it sold for 276K. It was listed for 274K and they dropped it 5K so I could drop mine 5K to move it. They were willing to extend the agreement but I was beginning to feel bad about them not able to consider other offers. So the house that I really, really wanted is now gone. After a short period of being down about moving I have started looking at houses again. There are a TON where we want to move but nothing has jumped out at me yet.

If you are thinking of moving...wait a bit longer and you will get a house that is priced right. Maybe this is a good thing for us. Maybe we can get MORE house for less money then we were initially prepared to spend. I just don't want to move in the winter!

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