Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Block E, the thugs RULE!

Fish wrapper West has a story about the video that shows the killing at Block E this past weekend. The usually subdued Nick Coleman Blasts the City of Murderapolis for underplaying this "abberation". HERE IS THE STORY!

A few of Nick's comments.

So we are told: Friday's shooting was "an aberration." (Would it be OK if it were routine?) That it was random. (Would we feel better if the killer had shot the guy he was trying to kill, instead of a bystander?) That the killer was "a deeply troubled person." (Mayor R.T. Rybak said that.)

What I'm hearing sounds like, "Don't worry, folks! The killer was a troubled person who shot someone by accident! No one has died since Friday! Enjoy your visit! Please walk around the crime tape! Remember Minneapolis when making convention plans! Duck if you hear loud noises!"

This is not cutting it.

Minneapolis has gangs of unruly youngsters hanging out on the streets, some selling drugs, some using them, some of them homicidal. This is not a public relations problem. It cannot be fixed with spin.

This is not spin time. This is gut check time.

WOW somebody get's it! Now let's see what's done. By the end of the summer we should either have Murderapolis safer or a major race riot on our hands.

Now, back to you regularly scheduled hockey talk!

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