Tuesday, April 04, 2006

And now for something completely different!

Just had to blow a Little steam off.

It looks as though the may have arrested a suspect in the EXECUTION death of Michael Zebuhr in uptown. Did you know he was a Ph.D. student in bioengineering at Clemson University in South Carolina and was visiting his sister in Minneapolis. He also wanted to become a professor! So much for his 20 some odd years of hard work!

They also have charged some punk ass cunt in the random killing of Allen Reitter. He was shot at random by some FUCKING idiot shooting into a crowd. Can you even imagine WHAT TYPE OF PERSON does this? I can.

When will the city of Murderapolis do something about the PACKS of thugs that roam their streets? Don't these kids have school or jobs? Oh yeah I forgot, "I no need to workie, da white man keeps me down, so I just mooch off of ya'll"
When will these ASSHOLES get a clue! NEVER because they are a bunch of FUCKING ANIMALS! NO RESPECT, NO MERCY, NO CLASS. PLAIN and SIMPLE! RESPECT is EARNED you FUCKING IDIOTS! Their hero's are RAP and NBA stars. Not their parents!

They have just moved from the City Center (which they pretty much shut down) to Block E! You can't walk down there without being stared down or bumped into by THESE IDIOTS! For fuck sake. When will this city, state and nation start to stand up to this culture of GANSTA's?

NEVER! Because one simple look or word get's you a six foot deep bed for eternity! My life, wife and son MEAN TO MUCH to bother with these FUCKING ANIMALS!

Thank GOD for conceal and carry! Locked and Loaded ALWAYS!

A few choice quotes from the leaders of Muderapolis:

"This certainly seemed to be a random act of unkindness," Public Safety Committee Chairman Don Samuels said.

Mayor R.T. Rybak "But this particular circumstance had nothing to do with more officers. No one officer could have prevented one deeply troubled person from taking the life of another."

"I'm glad they apprehended this person, but on the other hand it creates a perception," he said. "People understand it's an aberration."

An aberration?????? HOW many people have died in your city you bureaucratic Boil on the ASS OF HUMANITY? They should just SHUT that CITY down at NIGHT!

Yikes I'm good until the fall NOW!

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