Thursday, April 06, 2006


I renounce my WCHA bias.

The soon to be NDSU "Flickertails" new logo. Did you know that their school colors were Pink and Green? No shit look it up on Google! Man, did I find a few UND sites that BIACH slap the institution. Just search for Sioux Nazi Ralph. That's what happens when ALL you have to cheer for is a D1 hockey program! Yikes pid. They do have some wonderful hunting land though.
I know, I know. That is not a Maine Terrier! But hey, Close enough for the chick who reads this BLOG! Diver Down! Hope you tear a hammy, not just cramps up! Better DEAD then RED!

I'm offically on the HockeyLeast bandwagon. Like one poster on GPL said, "I hope the building burns down on live TV" when asked who ya rooting for NOW?!
Same guy who pulled off one of the coolest stunts at the X during the F5!

Now some love for my little Northern Wall Flower. Whom shall I aim my "fixation" at for next year? You seem to have some hottie googles(NOT). I need help zeroing in my GAYdar! Kyle maybe? He sounds like the next 30+ goal scorer for the Goof's. Who will do it for daDAWG's?

I shall refer to you as NWF from now on. I will now diminish to the East and watch some WCHA ass kicking.(I hope, but don't really care)

Hey Mr.Riley? How's Denfeld's badmitton team doing? COCK!

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