Friday, April 06, 2007

How they hanging? Banners that is...

Quite the night of hockey! Michigan State bottles up Maine and heads to the final with a 4-2 workman like victory. First time since 86 they make a final appearance.

The second game was a lil more exciting. Exciting because once again BC ends Suzie's year. The hacking and slashing got them this time. They got penalties when they least could afford them. Eastern bias I guess. Or was it these excuses:

"The amount of times they showed BC fans during breaks was also very sickening. They showed BC fans 10x more than they showed a Sioux fan. Grossing me out"

"Evidently the black and white have a line on the game"

"You just don't send a team down 2 men on the ice with 4 minutes left in final four game"

Final Four? Guess Florida State really took it to Suzie errrr, I mean Notre Dame. errrrrr....I mean North Carolina! LOL! Has any team ever been renamed more the the Tractor Pull Nation?

I'm not even going to address the ref's comments! Head over to for the full read! OBTW. No you have not finished "Higher" then Minny. Both teams FAILED to win the Title. So, technically they are both losers! You can moth ball your Holy Cross Jersey's for a bit.

My BC jersey stays out for at least 2 more nights!

Is it October yet?

We have a couple banners to hang!

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