Sunday, November 12, 2006

One final thought

I read a statement in the fish wrapper east today about batteries being thrown on the ice and at the POI players. I asked myself, "why batteries?" Well it seems as though JBSU's marketing department decided to give their children something to play with during the game.

A battery operated fan that lit up and said GO JBSU and Huskies. I didn't connect the dot until I watched the game again and saw Wooger with one between periods. First off WHY a fan in MN in the winter? What was it 25 last night here?

Can you see the dufus's at the Shag Carpet after the game going "Cool DUDE watch when I put it in the dark" Dahyeee!

Hey it's Dave, Dave's not here man! No this is Dave! Dave's not here mannnnn!

Hey Mots, teach your children some manners or has Stearn Co. corrupted you already?

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