Saturday, November 11, 2006

Aretha shouts....R E S P E C T!

A well deserved split in my opinion. St.Clown showed guts this weekend. The Goof's showed they can forget to play defense. I thought for sure this team was solid in their zone. They're not. The D again was pinching and getting burnt AGAIN. Too many give aways AGAIN. Mr. 1st round was average AGAIN.

On the bright side: Frazee played well. Better then Briggs last night. Bariball, GASP Lucia and Stoa were solid. Lucia showed the grinder role he has been assigned. Now if the D will be more heads up...

The game gets turned up a bit in the next two series. TNSoH comes to town fresh off a SWEEP on home ice by DU. Looks as though the magic has left Mad Town. Do they chant sieve when the goalie makes a save? Back to the middle of the pack RED MENACE! After the sweep by the POI, comes Mich. and Mich. St. Yes I'm looking ahead but TNSoH is way OVERRATED. The second half of the season is on the road do the math.

In other action GR4 takes the game 3-2. Drunk Chick's TECH team may be for real. Beating fUMD 4-1. They may not need to be the official band of the WCHA. They may actually HAVE to be there. So much for my letter to the commish about how shitty that band was at the F5 last year. Thought she was taller also. Was Suzie off this weekend? Or did they play under another name?

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