Friday, November 10, 2006

Jan's in the house!

Stearns Co's finest make their way 94 East for a home and home tilt with POI! JBSU (GR3) comes to Mecca tonight boasting a lackluster 2-3-1 record. They head to National Cement Center on Saturday night. Bobby, Jan's savior, is 1-3-1 with a 2.95 GAA and a .899 save percentage! The Flickertails peppered him last week and St.Clown escaped with a point.

Leading the way for JBSU is Andreas Nodl (3-5--8) and Ryan Lasch (4-3--7)

The Goof's own a 40-20-9 all time series lead. Of course who can forget their last meeting in St.Paul. A wild OT thriller won by St.Clown.

They enter tonights game on a 8 game unbeaten streak. tDon will continue to platoon the netminders with Briggs tonight at Mecca and Frazee at the Cement Center. I like the fact that Frazee get the nod for the "away" game. He still tends to be a bit jittery at the start of the games. Mr.Bostrom may return this weekend for 1 game after sitting the last 4 weeks with a knee injury. He has been full strength at practice this week.

I'm not going to bore you with Goofer stats. If you are interested here is a pdf put out every week on

Look for a fast start tonight. I see a blow out. 6-1. From reading forum posts the JBSU team lack decent D and scoring punch. The latter I witnessed against TNSoH a few week back. (in case you are stupid "The New State of Hockey" as crowned by the talking eyebrow from CSTV)

At the Nat'l Cement Center the crowd may have an effect in the scoring but not the outcome. 5-4 Goof's with an empty netter and the SWEEP!

I have the RARE opportunity to visit MECCA tonight! Myself and LB, will be in the friendly confines of the house that "Maroosh" built. Time to get LB that jersey we have been talking about. Hey, start brainwashing them young I say! I just hope he doesn't break out the "Huskies Suck" chant tonight. At least Beaner (who hails from Stearns County and is Alumni) will be spared the pain of that.

Oh...before I forget, no news on the "great Suzie name debate" as of yet. The judge said he will make his decision as fast as possible!

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