Thursday, November 09, 2006


I've picked up on something recently. North Dakanada has some kind of fixation with MN.
I have been following the whole nickname flap. In trying to read as much as I can about both sides of the story.
I ventured over to the Grand Forks Herald web site. One thing that struck me as odd is the coverage that MN in general gets. From the main page, there are no less then 5 reference to MN news and stories. Last time I checked the map Grand Forks was on the west bank of the river. They cover MN like St.Paul covers MURDERAPOLIS!
Now it's obvious that the close proximity to the border has a LOT to do with this but man....

Is MN like the big brother that get's looked up to? Or is it deeper?

While looking over at FlickerTail Central I saw this post. Nearly 34000 views! Yes the Gophers lost to Holy Cross. Man it's like a kid who just discovered his dad's stash of Playboys. How can this still be a big deal? Are they so out of things to do or think about that they need to constantly remember a single game? Are their lives so uninspired that they fixate on a competitors loss? Hummmm......I have only watched Grant's OT goal 3 times and that was for a Nat'l Championship. No we don't forget our players DOPE!

Do they load the clip on their Ipod vanish to the bathroom and pop one off?

Now granted, our friends to the west have NO pro teams. So they need to focus on college sports for their shot of rah rah pride. Maybe that's why they are the most hated fans in the WCHA.
They have so little to cheer for and pour their guts out for them.

Another thing. Is it me or do they blame the officials for every loss/bad game? I read the game day posts and keep up with the scores (as I do with most WCHA teams) and inevitably the ref's always are against them. FERCHRISTSAKES they are human and make mistakes and sometimes are not on top of their game just like hockey players.

For a school that is so worried about losing their name. Say it's not derogatory, even when the schools namesake says they do not like them using it. Is totally out of whack. The argument that "Florida St. gets to keep their name but WE don't", doesn't hold water. That tribe is called by their correct name. Most Siouan deem "Sioux" as derogatory. Lil etymology for ya:

According to the late Dr. Frank Siebert, MD, analysis actually originates with the eminent Algonquianist Ives Goddard. Under this analysis the forms Na:towe: and Na:towe:ssiw mean essentially 'barbarian' (i.e., speaker of an incomprehensible language) and 'lesser (or miserable little) barbarian', for the Iroquois and Siouan peoples, respectively.

How offensive is it for the fan base to yell "SUE" at the end of the National Anthem?

Oh...excuse me... I have to go to the bathroom. Now where is that pesky Ipod with the opening night video from the RALPH?

Yes 7 is greater then 5. Tool! Break out that Flickertail (Ground Squirrel) logo!




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