Monday, February 27, 2006

Potulny For Hobey?

RyPo is coming off a huge weekend and has risen to the top of the Hobey hunt. He has quietly made a nice season for himself. Although he dismisses the recent acknowledgements you know he's thinking about it.

His numbers though 34 games: 29 Goals 21 Assists 1.47 PPGM.

In other ramblings. There is an air of caution going on with Goof fans. Most are of the opinion that the streak that has vaulted them to the top will come to and end this weekend. tUMD netminder has owned the Goofs. I am of the opinion that they sweep tUMD, Alaska in the playoff's and the lose at the X. Just a feeling!

There is an interesting post on SUZE's forum HERE! They are talking about Rookie of the Year in the WCHA. Well, just go read for yourself. Kessel just continues to grow both in defensive skills and making plays. I for one was not that impressed at the start of the season but since coming back from the World tourney he has raised his level of play. Wonder what he thinks NOW about his decision the come to Mecca?

The BADger fans all over forums are ducking for cover. Why? Because all their 1st half talk is coming back to bite them in the arse!

Bu(e)cky9 on GPL is about to get banned for stirring it up because he can't take the heat after his bout of BS.

Here is his BOLD prediction that started it:
"With an 8 point lead, we would have to try and give away the conference title."


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