Saturday, February 25, 2006

Get'er DONE!

The Goof's survive a scare in Alaska. After skating to a 3-3 tie through 2 periods Wheeler redirects a shot from the point and the Goof's make it stick. On Saturday nite they need to come out with fire. This will set the tone for the likely playoff meeting between these two teams at Mecca in a few weeks. It will also enable the Goof's to need only 1 point next weekend to sew up the Cup! That is unless both the BADgers and DU lose again tonight. That will give the Goof's a 6 point lead with two games to go for them both.

We do get a chance to watch the BADger SWOON continue tonight. FSN will air the game at 7PM tonight. Boy the RedMenace chatter has REALLY subsided ALL of the net. USCHO crap is done, Bucky Board is ALL pissy. You see, this is what the BADgers do. CHOKE at the end of the season, ....and they chant GoldenChokers! It's not even likely they will be at the X for the Final Five. Remember Alaska taking them out a while ago? Hobey Elliot? I think NOT! Hobey Potulny?

If you want to watch the internet feed of the Goof's game go HERE!

Drop the PUCK!

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