Sunday, February 26, 2006

The cup runneth over!

After a 15 year drought the Golden Gopher capture the MacNaughton Cup. The league championship. 8 weeks ago everybody all but gave the cup to the BADgers. LOL! SWOON! More on that later. After a scoreless first the Goof's opened up and downed the Seadog's 4-0. Rypo had the hattrick. With 5 this weekend he is making a strong statement for a Hobey bid.

I had an interesting exchange on GPL about the significance of winning the cup. One guy said all that matters was the NS$$. Well in the big picture yes. He eluded to Woog winning it but never the big one. Woog was a failure. Plain and simple. tDon has not won it here. He has won 2 NC$$'s. Nice feather in his/their cap.

Meanwhile theBADger continue a meltdown of EPIC proportions! Again! The went to the Landcow's home and GOT SMOKED!!!! For shits and giggles I bopped over to the BADgers forum. All the talk has been wait til Elliot gets back. That's why we are losing. Ha what's the excuse now? The way they are playing they had better watch out or the could lose that overall No.1 seed. I hope they get bounced from the Final Five!

Here's my projected playoff match-ups:

Minne vs. Alaska
DU vs. tUMD
BADgers vs. Tech
NoDakanada vs. Landcows

Final 5- Minne, DU, BADgers, NoDakanada and JBSU! I'll see you there. Club Level Section 34 Row 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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