Monday, November 05, 2007

No, the sky is not falling

The boys in Maroon and Gold are. They have fallen to the cellar of the WCHA. The WCHA is a tough league. You are not going to win many games scoring 1 goal. I'm not used to watching a Gopher team make so many bad passes, blind passes and my ever favorite, drop pass. They just seem to be missing the edge. Okposo looks confused and off balance. Last year he seemed all most impossible to take down or out of the play. This year one bump and "whoop" there goes the puck.

You can really see the D core getting way more work then needed. I think they missed 4 empty nets. EMPTY. You need to bury those when you can. 4GF and 14GA. Yikes!

0-4. Wow. Maybe this weekends tilt against the Landcows will pump some confidence into them. Pummeling a constant bottom dweller may well be what the doctor ordered. Then again, if they only get 1 goal they will lose!

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