Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Good News, Bad News

The good news is the Goof's take the Ice-Breaker tourney with wins over RPI and Michigan. It should be MichAGAIN. Man, they have their number lately.

Friday's tilt pitted them against RPI. It was not a pretty two periods of hockey for the POI. RPI took it to them in every respect. They built a solid 3 goal lead through tough play and desire. Finally, the Goof's awoke from their slumber and at the end of the second period scored and the dominated the play until the horn.

Third period was ALL Minny. The one thing that really pissed me off was that 5 minute major handed out. They are back to calling these weak penalties if the guy turns at the last minute.

4-3 final and off to face MichAGAIN.

This was a much more entertaining game to watch. Back and forth trading blows. It ended on a goal at 5:27 by Grand Rapids star Patrick White.

Now the UGLY. 2 games into the season we lose Ryan Stoa to a knee injury. There are not a lot of specifics on the injury and I did not see it. Man I feel bad for him. He looked really strong and was set to be a leader.

Off to CC for conference opener. More on that later...

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