Monday, July 30, 2007

Just stuff

Man I though for sure I'd get an "R"!

In other exciting news, The MotoQ is a fantastic device. I don't need no stinking 600 dollar iPhoney!

I wonder if they sell iWipes to keep the touch sceen clean?

Kyle (4Head) from GPL has started himself a nice online shop. He mostly caters to Goof/MN hockey fans. This is the gent who organized the last jersey sale on GPL. GPL has since banned the jersey sale/promotions. So 4Head has started this site.

Check it out. He has a nice selection of MN hockey jerseys. He even has a jersey from my high school!

Having bought jersey's from him I can say that they are of the finest quality and workmanship. They are worth every penny if you consider your self a "rube"

Good luck Kyle.

Oh yeah, LESS THEN 80 DAYS UNTIL...THE PUCK DROPS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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