Saturday, November 25, 2006


Well so much for a challenge. Michigan was pasted tonight. They were in the game for about 10 total minutes tonight. 8-2 final with 3 shorties and 52, yes 52 SHOTS on goal.
This follows a hard fought battle with Michigan St. The Goof's prevailed 5-4 on Friday night. They looked a little out of it. State was not noted for a lot of scoring.
It's great sweeping TNSoH but one savors a Michigan ASS WHOOPIN!

Next up for the Goof's, Minnesota's Jr. College. Da Mavs. The whiner Jutting brings his bottom feeders to Mecca and they head to....Ah Montiv...ahhhhh....Mason City....Nah Medford that's it.

In other news, The Flickertails split with a weak CC team and St.Clown sweeps fUMD. The WCHA take 3 of 4 from the CCHA.


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