Monday, November 06, 2006

Not that it matters.....

I found some inspiration today.

I started this blog as more of an experiment. I was inspired by PINHEAD Nation. I was inspired by the fact that it was done in humor! Some of the content is questionable, yes, but taken in context it is fun and the reaction by most who visit it is...well all in fun. I will NEVER claim to be an expert at recruiting (anybody can surf and find recruiting news) I will never claim to be a Historian (anybody can use Google) I will use my 21 year hockey career to base my opinions. I will give my biased view about the Maroon and Gold. As will others about their respective teams. I do not live for "links", ya link to me I return the favor and allow the 4 people who come here (mostly friends and family) to read other informative/funny/serious College Hockey Blogs. You decide what to take in, comment on and take to heart. I will not force my opinions on you. But if you come here and read you are subjecting yourself to poss...errrr....probably negative talk about YOUR team. Not malicious, but SMACK! I started this blog shortly before my green goggled friend to the west. Yet, his blog is far more informative and fair then mine. Sure we share barb's, but hey that's why "I" started it.

Hated by many, love by few and feared by ALL!

Oh yeah. It's the HOME OF THE BRAVE!

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