Friday, February 03, 2006

Weekly (Off week) Notes

Can you imagine this turd a part of college hockey. Well, READ IT and weep!!!!

What a perfect fit for the EZAC ehhhh! Another way to pad the schedule.

Speaking of padding schedules. Miami of Ohio? Are you f**king kidding me?? Go HERE and look at the DOGS they have beat. Makes you wonder if PWR and Pairwise have any weight at all!

As all eyes (NOT) turn to the heated race over in Hockey Least. A report came out yesterday that UNH Hockey has suspended 7 players from Friday Nite's tilt against Maine. You can read more HERE!

At this time of year POI's eye's turn towards the Final 5 in St.Paul. With a little more then a month to go another MN team is making a name for itself. The Gopher rejects at JBSU are on a nice run. I would not normally give them even a mention if it were not for Mr. Motzko. The former Assistant Coach under tDON has turned this bunch into a team to watch. They went in last weekend and swept SUZE at "the RALPH".

You have got to love any team that makes SUZIESPORTS Board go NUTS! Oh it's so lovely to see!!!! Again you have to HATE a program that yells "SUE" at the end of the NATIONAL ANTHEM.

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