Wednesday, February 08, 2006

This LINK on Ebay is too funny! In case they yank the auction I have posted the description below!

You are bidding on a replica of the noose that Mike Eaves and the University of Wisconsin used to choke away the WCHA regular season championship last weekend.

The noose is made of 100% Manilla, which is a natural fiber. Manilla is especially resistant to sunlight which will come in handy for Wisconsin when playing afternoon NCAA tournament games later this winter. Manilla rope will burn so it is best to keep away from teams that are red hot in the WCHA such as MN, Denver and St. Cloud State. Manilla holds knots firmly and stretches very little which means this rope can be used year after year by Wisconsin's hockey team or it's fans.

This noose is also an exact replica of the one Colorado College will use during the NCAA tournament later this march. North Dakota fans can hold their bids until next season when they actually have a chance to use a noose during tournament play.

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