Friday, February 10, 2006

Random Shit!

I just finish reading Return to Gold Country. A decent book covering the Goof's Championship.
What I most enjoyed was reading the early history of the POI! Maroosh's stand against 20 and 21 year old Canuck freshmen is what started the All-Minny kids stand.

"I am not anti-Canadian, I am just pro- Minnesotan"
John Mariucci

GPL Rant
Jupiter over at GPL has a front page PASTING of the fans at Mariucci Arena.

When will something get done about the "corpies" at the Mecca? The waiting list for tickets is like 2500 people long. No, that's not a lot of people but with about 10 or less coming available each year.... well YOU do the math!
Why don't they sell those ticket if the seats are empty? If they were to use all this technology we have they could easly scan/record the ticket ID when you enter. Then by the time the puck is getting ready to drop they know exactly what seats are available. Open up the sales to the REAL fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Shit I would pay an extra 5-10 bucks to get a ticket. You can go there now and get standing room tickets and then just sit somewhere and HOPE the "corpie" does show up!

Here it IS!
Soap Box MODE ON!

Mariucci is a joke compared to the Kohl Center!!!!
That's right... There's no doubt about it. The atmosphere at the Kohl Center during a Badger hockey game puts the "aura" of Mariucci to shame. The fans are louder, they participate and the band makes our band at Mariucci seem like a junior high band.

My wife Suzanne and I took in our first game at the Kohl Center a few weeks ago and had a great time. The Kohl center is an okay arena for hockey, but not the best. The fans are not all that knowledgeable, but it's Wisconsin, what do you expect? But one thing that I found out is that the atmosphere and crowd participation makes Mariucci seem like a morgue. It was more alive than I think Mariucci will ever be.

Let's start with the student section. The student area takes up three lower sections right behind the opposing goalie. Then two more smaller sections in the mid tier and two more in the upper deck. The students actually show up to the games!! I would guess there are at least twice as many students as there are at Mariucci. They know the cheers, they sing, they dance, they just have a great time. Even during the intermission they were singing and dancing. Are they drunk? Probably... But who cares? They make noise and have a blast!! The students at Mariucci are clueless. The only people that participate in the cheers are in the smaller section 2 and most of them are not even students anymore. I think I saw maybe 5 people do the butt dance in section 14 at the last home game I was at. The rest were busy talking on the phone or just didn't care. About the only thing they can do is the Rouser and the funnel chant. Our student section is a complete joke compared to the Badger student section... It's not even close!

How about the Badger band? They would blow the doors off of the band at Mariucci. Don't get me wrong, I love our hockey band and it would really suck not having them, but the Badger band is flat out better. I think one of the reasons is that they don't bother wasting their time with flutes, clarinets and the like that can't be heard. At least I could not see any of those instruments from my vantage point... All I could see was brass.... Loud and effective!!! I think that everyone here would agree that if the 'U' Hockey band dumped the wind instruments and added 20 more brass players, they could get Mariucci rocking! Speaking of the 'U' band... Why don't you guys get some balls and start playing "Rock 'n Roll part II" again!!!! It's actually a song that gets the crowd to participate and make some noise! It's time to stand up for yourselves!!! Don't let some pansy ass guy in a suit at the 'U' tell you what you can and cannot play!

Finally.... What about the rest of the crowd at the Kohl Center? Again, I will admit that as a whole, the hockey knowledge base there is pretty low. Yet, they never sit on their hands. I would say that most of the crowd participates like the students do. They may not dance and sing as much, but they are very vocal! When the Badgers scored their one and only goal for the game we were there I could not believe how load that place was. You may think the "Sieve" chant is lame, but the ENTIRE crowd was on their feet yelling it. In between each calling of "Sieve" there was not a sound. They were in perfect rhythm together. At Mariucci, we can't spell out MINNESOTA without rushing ahead of the band and making it sound like a garbled mess.... It's pretty sad.

So what is the deal? Why can't Mariucci be more like the Kohl Center? Can you imagine how great it would be if that was the case? It would be a much more difficult place for opponents to play in. That will never happen though.... It would mean that the "corpies" would actually have to show up to the game first. Then they would actually have to make some noise. I think that is too much for them to do. They would rather just be "seen" than participate. I guess it's up to the student section to liven things up right??? FAT CHANCE!!!!

Mariucci may not have all of the amenities that some of the newer rinks have. I think it is still the best place to watch a game for the hockey purist! The sight lines are second to none and there is not a bad seat in the house. This is something that the Kohl Center does not have. Actually, of all of the rinks I have been too, Mariucci is by far the best for watching a game. Yet the atmosphere is a complete joke compared to the Kohl Center and other arenas for that matter. Mariucci could be so intimidating if the people there wanted it too be. How can you let a bunch of Badger fans make you look so bad? It's pathetic! Yet so true!!!! -Jupiter-

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