Friday, February 17, 2006

One down, One to GO!

Well....after two dead periods of hockey they showed up! Both teams! The teams traded body shots through two periods.

Then in the 3rd, the POI were called with a second major penalty. More on the penalties later.......

After killing the major, DU was called for a penalty. RYPO nettted the game winner shortly after.

Now for the ref's. WTF are you guys doing? You call two 5 min majors. Both plays were suspect. Not from the point of being penalties, both were! But a player turning into a check does not constitute checking from behind. Look at the play that started this clusterf**k from last year at the Final Five. That was checking from behind.

Then to call a couple weak penalties on DU to "even" it up is just to much to stomach. Not to diminish the Goph's PK tonite but stop trying to control the game! LET THEM DECIDE IT ON THE ICE!

Now the question....will tDon start Frazee? I think not. But, I've never coached a Nat'l Championship team! Let's look for the "salute" at Mecca Saturday night!

BTW...... It is f**king cold here. Canceled my sledding/fishing trip for Saturday! DAMN.

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