Tuesday, February 14, 2006

It's a great day (weekend) for HOCKEY!

Big weekend series against the DU Pioneers at Mecca this weekend. DU is coming off a weekend sweep of the Landcows in Denver. I caught most of both games on FSN. DU is playing good hockey right now. But, so are the Goof"s. DU better pick up the "D" this weekend or the are in for a long road.
Last year the Goof's were 2-1 against DU. This year they went to Denver and took 3 points. Denver was a much different team then. So were the Goof's. DU will be pressing not only because it is a battle for first place but they are also on the hump for a NC$$ bid.

POI sweeps DU out of Minnesota!

In other news. CC loses Aaron Slatengren! Go HERE for the full read!

More later...........................

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