Thursday, February 16, 2006

Battle for WCHA lead at Mecca!

The "Gwoz"(Pictured) brings his Pioneers to town this weekend. DU is coming with sweeps of the BADgers (who are in their usual swoon), Alaska who could not beat Hill-Murray HS team and the 4th string Gopher rejects from Mankato.

This is an interesting matchup. DU went into BADger land and beat them with defense. POI went in and dominated with offense. DU scored a total of 5 goals in that series. They will need to beat Briggs more then 5 times to get past the Gophers.

On the other hand the Goof's shot blanks last Saturday against an over-matched Tech squad. They are getting Chucko back but he has been a non-factor. Well not really he beat DU early in the season. The much vaunted PP has been limp of late. Going 1 for 22 in their last 4 games. DU is fairly controlled when it comes to penalties called.
This may not be the series that decides the race however. DU hosts NorthDakanada and has Home and Home with CC. Should be a great weekend of hockey. Now..........................................DROP THE PUCK!

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