Monday, April 10, 2006

40 caliber Friday

So. In a few past posts I was ranting about the CUNT gang bangers in Murderapolis. Well.... I should have knocked on wood and kept my mouth shut. I stayed home from work Friday because my kid has been battling an ear infection. Beaner had just got home from work. It was about 5:30 pm. She headed out the side door to retrieve something from her Jeep when it happened.


Four high caliber shots. As I scrambled off the livingroom floor where Sam and I where playing XBOX. I saw a vehicle racing by the front of the house. The next sound was Beaner screaming.

What had happened? Was My family going to be victims of random violence? As I rounded the corner from the living room the side door open and she scrambled in. Screaming and crying. Was she shot?


She had ducked and ran towards the house. Thankfully she had not yet reached the street and the line of fire. I shut the door and waited.

I then went outside to see my neighbors out on the sidewalk on both sides of the street. To my left was Tom. He just stared down at me with no words or gestures. As I approached him he said "can you believe that?" I asked him what he had seen. He had been working on his wife's car in the street and saw the whole thing.

Two vehicles had turned onto our street. A red Caviler with it rear window shattered. A Blue Chevy mini van with a yeah, you guessed it, young BLACK male hanging out the passenger side firing at the car. As we talked about the shit that had just happened Tom said. "Hey, there should be casings laying up there" We both proceeded to walk the street. Sure as shit. 1 then two. There's another. Where is the fourth? There it is in a driveway.

Tom got a stick and picked up a casing. "40 Cal" he said! One of the bullets had traveled a full city block and struck my neighbors mini van as she drove up the street with her 3 yearold daughter in the seat. Oh yeah she's 8 months pregnant.

Goes to show you it can happen any time, anywhere!

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